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I am the Engineering & Collection Analysis Librarian at Iowa State University in Ames, IA, and a Research Associate affiliated with the ScholCommLab at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

My research focuses on bibliometrics, scholarly communication, and open science. I work to analyze and evaluate publishing trends at Iowa State and beyond to support the overall Open Access transition in scholarly publishing. I conduct bibliometric analyses of academic publications to find patterns across campus and inform Iowa State’s growing number of Open Access agreements with publishers.

I use Dimensions, Web of Science, OpenAlex, Unsub, Altmetrics, Open Refine, Python, pandas, R, LaTeX, and Overleaf to do this work.

In 2022, I conducted a study on the impact of the OSTP “Nelson” guidance memorandum, which will make all U.S. federally funded research publicly available after 2026. A companion website hosts interactive versions of each graph from the article, allowing users to pan, zoom, hover, and explore the data more thoroughly. The study was cited in OSTP’s November 2023 “Report to the U.S. Congress on Financing Mechanisms for Open Access Publishing of Federally Funded Research” to the Appropriations Committees of the U.S. Senate and House.

In 2021, I created and launched Unsub Extender, a free Python-based web app to help libraries better analyze and understand their Unsub data. I published a paper, and the project was honored with the 2022 RUSA ETS Best Emerging Technology Application (BETA) Award and the 2022 ASEE ELD Innovation in Access to Engineering Information Award.

I am also subject specialist / liaison to three engineering departments on campus, providing research help, instruction, collection development, and outreach.

I hold a BS in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State and an MLIS from Rutgers University. Prior to my current role at Iowa State, I worked at Intel for 10 years as an array reliability engineer on NAND flash memory.

ORCiD number 0000-0002-6292-8221


I’m happy to offer consulting work through Schares Data Science for academic libraries, universities, publishers, journals, and more.

Past clients include Clarke & Esposito, Invest in Open Infrastructure, and OurResearch.

Please get in touch if you wish to better understand your data.




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